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Filemaker Unlimited 5.5 features


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Hi there,

I have worked with filemaker for about 6 months so far and beginning to actually like it. Even though I would prefer filemaker to provide more and more programming features - I usually get around with what's provided. I have created some heavily loaded applications so far. Heavily loaded applications as in for example the "database design report" type of application where alomost everything is done via script and very different type of data has been scrambled into one single database. Well, now my boss wants me to create web version for them. Hence come the questions of Filemaker Unlimited:

1. Does Instant web publishing only work with Microsoft Internet Explorer? All the demo pictures that they have on their website are only for MSIE. There is nothing on Netscape. Besides, they even mention that they have some XML features which will only work with ActiveX control provided by MSIE. Hence the question, are all those nice features promised by FM Unlimited available to MSIE only? From my experience the instant web publishing looks different on IE and Netscape(looks ugly).

2. In unlimited, with instant web publishing - does your layout in Filemaker becomes the layout in WebPage? Hence, does it work in Netscape as well as MSIE?

3. If you have used FM unlimited - is there any extra satisfaction that you have other than those described in the product specification already.

Filemaker unlimited seems just a bit expensive to me - but I would still commit to it if it delivers the same performance in both Netscape and MSIE.

Thanks in advance,


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This topic is 7086 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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