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Web Companion, Entry Only Layout and Netscape


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Hello all:

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I haven't found an answer to the problem so far. Here it is:

I have a db created in FMP 5, and its shared as Entry Only in the Web Companion. In IE 5 and 4 on Mac and Win, the Entry Only layout works. On Netscape (Mac, Win I haven't tried yet) I get a short attempt to build the Entry Only layout, wich terminates prematurely, and then builds a List View layout, which allows full manipulation of the data. This is exactly what I don't want!! I need a 'data drop box' without further access to data for web users. The described problem occurs when connecting to FMPro Unlimited directly, or when connecting via FMWSC on OSXS.

Any hints would be highly appreciated!

Cheers, and look out for OSX! It's sleek and fast!


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It sounds like you're using the "Instant Web Publishing" that's built-in to Web Companion, that's where the problem lies. The problem that Netscape encounters is due to it's processing (or lack ) of CSS.

The solution I found was to switch to Custom Web Publishing via CDML. It's much quicker, and you got a lot more options with your layouts.

If you switch you won't regret it!


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Originally posted by OSXS:

Thanks for the hint!

I have read a little bit, and it seems, that I need FileMaker Developer to work with CDML. Is this the case, or are there work-arounds?

Instant web Publish causes FMP to generate the HTML with the appropriate CDML tags embedded in it.

Custom Web Publishing requires you to create the HTML and place the CDML tags. This gives you much greater flexibility, but requires alot more work on your part.

Neither functionality requires the Developer's Edition.



Kurt Knippel


Database Resources




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This topic is 7577 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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