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FMP Unlimited Background Info

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My company is looking into a database solution for the majority of our inner office forms and memos etc. I have been researching FMP and was wondering about the functionallity of FMP Unlimited.

Of particular interest is whether a user accessing the database from the web is able to create, modify, and delete records on the database or whether the database can only be used to view data and perform searches. We need to have a database where clients can create records without having a local copy of the application on their desktop.

In addition, what is the quality of the layouts in web form? If you make a layout in FMP, how good is its representation on the web page? When you print the web page is it equivallent to a *.pdf of the form or are text fonts and sizes dependent on the web browser?

Thanks in advance


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Depending on the way you configure the security settings and the options you give web users, yes-- you can allow them to create, modify, and delete database records.

Yes they can also perform searches, and yes-- all can be done thru the browser without them having a local copy of FMP installed on their client.

The quality of your layout representation on a webpage depends on how well you can design webpages-- that is really the limiting factor. You can configure FMP to create PDF files with scripts and send these to users, if print format is really critical you might consider this. Otherwise yes, you are subject to the browser font and size setting specified by each client's browser.

Sounds like FMP can do everything you are looking for.

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While the "delete" function can be allowed, that is not recommended.

There are problems with running ScriptMaker scripts because ScriptMaker is single-threaded and the www has multi-users. I have developed a work-around to that.

There are security issues which must (and can) be dealt with.

There can be a lot of power in a browser solution backed by FMPro. I'm happy using it.

[ March 23, 2002, 04:16 PM: Message edited by: Keith M. Davie ]

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RE: Depending on the way you configure the security settings and the options you give web users, yes-- you can allow them to create, modify, and delete database records.

In 99% all databases are accessible and readable just with browser regardless of security settings.

Unless you close somehow the wide open door FMI left open, everybody can read all records from any database. See security topics on this forum.

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This topic is 7025 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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