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External user-authentication using tokens

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This forum rocks! I have learned much here but my current problem is elusive:

I have developed a relational database in FM Unlimited using the web security database and granting varying levels of access online to around 400 users in my college using cdml.

I would like to incorporate the university

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Hey Jamie. i have done this using kerberos and ldap external authentication and token passing with environmental variables. it's taken perl scripts to parse out the variable, insert it into a search page, and pass it through to filemaker. you can email me off list if you want to. PS: i'm still with cdml...


[email protected]

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Aloha, Jamie! One of my current projects here on the mainland involves integrating an office system w/our campus web authentication system. One of the ways for us to do this is using a PHP class, so I've been starting to learn PHP myself. IMO, it's definitely coding, though.. not simple label coding like CDML. CDML has cookies and tokens but it was too limited for us to use. I guess like CyberSport, we're going to be passing variables.

I'm looking into FX (excited about it, actually), but I felt I needed to learn some basic php first so I can better understand and implement FX for our solutions.

If lasso were free (or even more bargain-priced), I probably would have gone that route since I have invested so much time in CDML, especially here in FMFORUMS, but with CDML's exit from the FileMaker lineup starting w/FMP7, I decided to go PHP. The students I work with are more likely to know or want to learn PHP anyway, so it behooves me to learn it as well.

Good luck!


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This topic is 7136 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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