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Won't Release Cache


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Originally posted by victorahugo:

I'm trying to modify a web page. Everytime I look at it live, I'm seeing the old page. I've done the Misc. Script command to Flush Cache, but nothing happens.

Is there something more radical I can do to flush the cache?

This is probable not FMP, but might be your web browser. Flush the cache on your web browser.



Kurt Knippel


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Originally posted by smoothdra:

Check out this link concerning caching:

It gives information about 'Pragma' and the 'expires' meta tag

I guess that is solution for browsers.

This case is about Unlimited WC caching something from database.

My HTML updates are not cached at all, but the database content is cached for couple of minutes or to the next change from web if the original change was done through FileMaker.

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This topic is 7656 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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