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"Dynamic Portal" puzzler...

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The attached FM7 db demonstrates two failed approaches at something that is probably quite simple to someone more skillful and/or less sleepy than I am. I would be so grateful if someone could publicly humiliate me with a beautifully simple solution!

The idea is simple: I want a pop-up list to control the contents of a portal. I know this can be done because I've seen it done (and grind my teeth at not having made better note of it!).

Download the file, you'll see what I'm up to. Or read the specs here... the pop-up is a valuelist with 3 items: "All, Active, Inactive". Setting it should make the portal show: a) ALL records, : records with boolean "Active?"=1, or c) records with boolean "Active?"?1.

The first table is Client (Client #, Name, Show what?, UNIVERSAL (global set to 1)).

The second table is Colors (Client #, Description, Active?) + two calculated fields:

Client # B:

Case (

Clients::Show what?="All";Clients::Client #;

Clients::Show what?="Active" and Active?; Clients::Client #;

Clients::Show what?="Inactive" and not Active?; Clients::Client #


Active? C:

If (Client #=Clients::Client #;Case (

Clients::Show what?="All"; 1;

Clients::Show what?="Active" and Active?; 1;

Clients::Show what?="Inactive" and not Active?; 1;


First attempt at the dynamic portal was "Client # = Client # B".

Second attempt was "UNIVERSAL = Active? C".

Needless to say, neither worked. I thought relationships worked when one of the fields could be indexed, as is the case in both these attempts. Maybe FileMaker gets offended when I work barefoot, like it's too good for me or something. Stupid, stupid database. Please help me whip this impudent digital whelp into shape!

Thanks so much for reading this far...


Portal Limiter Question.fp7.zip

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You replied less that 30 minutes after my post.

You solved in 3 lines (2 really) what took me 26 to explain, after 3 hours of pulling hair.

Pooh-Bah? No. You are my God, and from this day forth I shall offer unto your shrine fresh fruits and berries, assorted shiny objects, transistors and vacuum tubes, honey and milk, and the occasional virgin (difficult to find these days). You have my gratitude!

I've attached the working DB as testament to this small but absurdly useful relational process.



Portal Limiter Question FIX.fp7.zip

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ROTFL You're welcome.

I also accept cash, guitars, drums, computer games, and automobiles as forms of sacrificial worship. I'm in Fresno, so put any virgins you find on a bus and send them my way, as long as they're hot enough to warrant use as offerings. wink.gif

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This topic is 7099 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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