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Ignorant Database?


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Grumble.... no idea how to start describing this...

I've got an account table, and it's linked to a table of teachers which is linked to school which is linked to district. On my account layout, you select the teacher from a list box (the list was generated through a relationship by school district, but I guess that's not important) Anyway, right after selecting that, the first thing I do is run a script that copies the teacher's address (or school's or district's) to the account's billing or shipping. But most of the time, it copies nothing. I have to click on the background of the layout a couple times before it will register the relationships and let me copy. Is there a good reason why filemaker remains ignorant of the relationships unitl I do that, and is there any way to fix it?



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Selecting a pop-up menu does not commit the record, and this commiting is necessary for the relationships to refresh. Commiting happens automatically when you click out of the fields, or can be done with a script. In some cases, it is also necessary to use a Refresh Window [Flush cached joined results] script step, especially when the relationship is based on values changing in a distant table.

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If however, you are using a menu (and not a list) on Windows, you can attach the field to a button to

Go to Field [YourField]

Pause/Resume Script [1]

Commit Records/Requests [ ]

Remove the field from the Tab Order, so it can only be clicked. When a user clicks into the field and selects a teacher (or clicks out of the field), the record will be committed.

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This topic is 6625 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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