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Getting the right version - XML/PHP Custom Web Publishing

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Hi everyone -

Our organization asked me to upgrade their Filemaker Server 8 Advanced system. I began developing custom Web pages on our domain that used the XML data to update our members' profiles online and to pass those updates to Filemaker. My question is this: We will be upgrading to Filemaker Server 11 and I just assumed we would need to purchase the Advanced version of Filemaker Server (FMSA) 11 - but now, after having done some research, that doesn't appear to be necessary. Since I'm only interested in Custom Web Publishing (CWP) and NOT Instant Web Publishing (IWP) I believe that we don't need the Advanced version - and that saves us $$$!

So now looking back I'm curious: was this also the case with Filemaker Server 8? Did we need to have the Advanced version? Or could we have just gotten by on Filemaker Server 8 (not-Advanced). Thanks for your opinions and feedback!

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You do not need FileMaker Server 11 Advanced to do custom web publishing. There are some non-web features in the Advanced version that might prove useful, such as the sub-Admin groups.

You can order the license for the standard version and then later upgrade your license to the Advanced version if you need to do so.

As for Server 8, that's too long ago. I can't remember whether you needed the Advanced version to do CWP or not.


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This topic is 4393 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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