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We are running FMS 10 on a wired LAN. All machines are Mac running v10. For some reason FMS is not showing up as a local host on their network. They are able to access their system remotely, but for some reason not locally.

Is this a port issue on their router? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Datalink,

I don't have a good solution but I do run into this problem. I have a development machine that I have server and an fm client to develop with. After a period of time the localhost will not show. Interestingly if I use open recent in the FM Client menu it opens the database no problems. (So you may be able to refer users to this method if they have ever successfully opened the server files.) This indicates it is more a problem with how FMSA broadcasts its network presence to its clients to me.

I am able to resolve this by sending my Macbook Pro to sleep and waking it again. The localhost will show as available. I have also found issues with Ip V6 and have disabled that to avoid ghost user loops which make FMSA think it has another user logged on with the same key. I am using FMSA 11 but I had also experienced what you describe with pervious versions.

Good luck and please post if you find a good resolution.

Ps I have a server in production with xserve software and it does not exhibit this problem.



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This topic is 4314 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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