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Bullets and Numbering Within Text Written Directly on a Layout

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I frequently create contracts for customers that are signable on Go, then convert them to PDF's.  Frequently these contracts have bullets and/or numbering.  Is it just me, or is there no way to add bullets and numbering when directly writing text on a layout?  Or is there maybe some work-around?  I would appreciate any help.  Thank you!

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Manually, yes: type "•[tab]some text" and set the indents appropriately. Automatically, I don't think so.


Not that it would make a difference with regard to the bullets and/or numbers - but why would you type a contract directly on a layout, instead of into a text field?

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First, thank you very much for your help!  Second, the reason I directly type text for forms as opposed to text fields is because the forms can be extremely complicated, involving auto-filled fields, editable and non-editable fields, and sometimes fields that need to be edited in the middle of text.  Each customer has a minimum of 5 customized forms; the customer with the highest number of forms has 23 of them.  I have to create two layouts for each form (one for Go, one PDF), so it's a massive time-consumer.  I've attached a sample of a form given to me to create in FM (it's a bit more complicated than our average form), but you made me question myself, so I'm wondering if you think my reasons are legit.


PA Home Improvement Contract.pdf

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This topic is 2609 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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