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Advanced page numbering

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I am currently trying to set up a report to do the following:

  • Set up in the footer (preferably) or sub-summary, my page count info.
    • On the right
      • Have the total page count, of the complete printout show as i.e. "Page 1 of total 150 page Monthly Report"
      • This I can do with scripting
    • On the left
      • Have the total page count of the sorted sub-group as i.e. "Page 1 of 3 of Daily Report 2014.11.30"
      • I can not get the 3 info
      • I would like to also merge the <<date for individual report>> if possible but not necessary.
  • ​My main goal is to get the total for each daily report. 

Thank you

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Thank you for responding. I've been tied up with work or I would have replied sooner.


I have four parts setup like this:


Using Form View - Layout is setup to only 1 page length




Sub-Summary when sorted by date

This holds a portion of the record information that is general to all records and only appears once in each record, taking up about 2/3 thirds of the page

No other settings. A fixed block of information.


This holds the information specific to each record. The first record of the group fills the balance of page 1 directly after the general information. The remaining records of the group shows up on the following pages, generating pages as needed. Each having the same fixed block of information.

Sub-summary when sorted by date

No fields in it

Set - Page break after every 1 occurrence

Restart page number after each occurrence


With {{PageNumber}}


I run a script that:

Shows all

Sorts by date

Set a variable to get the total page number

Go to first record


This gives me the numbers of each page in each group. General information to all records in each group on "their" page 1, and remaining records generating additional pages as needed in each group. Currently from 1 to 4 pages but could get to a dozen or more.

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I am afraid we're still not on the same page (if you pardon the horrible pun).


Filemaker only gives you one page number. If you restart the page numbers after each occurrence of the sub-summary by Date part, then you won't have the overall page numbering you want to have on the right. If you don't, then you won't have the "internal" page numbers you want to have on the left. The way you presented the problem at first, this issue was solved, and you only needed to add the "... of x" part. Now you say that your script "gives me the numbers of each page in each group". I don't think the script you posted does that, but ... Anyway, it's difficult to understand what your question is really about.


In general, producing the kind of dual page numbering described in your original post is not simple at all. It's going to be even more complex if you want to make it multi-user safe. Perhaps you should reconsider if the result is worth the required investment. I would also add that I cannot recall ever seeing such numbering scheme in a report (or any printed document, for that matter).




If I understand correctly that each record in your report takes up exactly one page, then this (the left side) could be done quite simply by using a summary field to count the records (a running count, with restart for each sorted group) and a calculation field = GetSummary ( sRunningCount ; Date ). Though I am still not sure it's such a good idea to have this at all.

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This topic is 3212 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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