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Extend a Repeating Field to Be Used With Every Repetition of Another Repeating Field

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Hi there


I am on the hunt for a function or calculation that will operate like the native Extend () function but I need it to grab the data from another related REPEATING field instead for a non-repeating field which is the limit of the Extend () function.


To give a bit of background on what I am doing, I have built a responsive image grid and a responsive notes grid very akin to the Facebook interface.  I am at the finish line.  The last thing I need to do is add "Edit" and "Delete" options to the bottom of each repetition in the portal (like a Facebook post).  All other items in the grid are populated using the extend function and it works as it should of course because they are non-repeating unique data points.


The structure is simple.  I have a Contact table, a notesdisplayrows table, and a notes table.  All data points are calculated in the displayrows table.  Example:


GetNthRecord (Extend(CONTACTS_NOTESGRID::ID); Get(CalculationRepetitionNumber))


However, where the "Edit" and "Delete" options are concerned I need something that will grab both the 1st and 2nd repetition of a field so that they will display as lower menu options for each repetition (I.e. Facebook).  I currently have a repeating field in the notes (notesgrid) table and the 1st rep is "Edit" and the 2nd rep is "Delete".


Any suggestions?

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Um, I'm not sure how it works with related tables, but when in the same table, a field reference from one repeating field will access the same repetition in another repeating field. No need for Extend() or Get ( CalcRepNumber). This may be the same when referencing a related repeating field.


Whether or not you're on the right track using all these repeating fields in portals is another question.

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This topic is 2518 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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