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SuperContainer suddenly not worlking in IWP, FMPA 12

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Hi, I have a databse hosted in IWP that uses Supercontainer for people to upload documents. The process works fine when I use FMPA 12 to access the hosted database, but when I go through the web browser (the IWP approach), the process does not work. A button "Upload Doc" calls a script that goes to the upload layout, generates the SC id code for the record, shows the webviewer with upload and delete buttons. This works fine when I am using FMP to access the database, but this does not work when I use IWP. When I click the button in IWP, nothing happens. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!

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Can you confirm that you are using all IWP-compatible script steps? Are you using the SuperContainer Companion plugin in your scripts? If so, do you have it installed for use with IWP? I.e., do you have the plugin installed on the FMS machine in the correct directory and are sure that it is properly loaded?


Even if the plugin is installed properly, there are still some restrictions that cannot be overcome in IWP. For example, the plugin cannot spawn a file chooser dialog with SCChooseFile. A rule in IWP is that plugins cannot spawn system dialogs like that. 


In general, it is recommended that the user interact directly with the SuperContainer web viewer in IWP to upload or download files. Moving, copying, and deleting files are all things that can be done on the backend with plugin functions because they only involve the SuperContainer server itself, but uploading and downloading specifically require the IWP user's file system to interact with the plugin which is not going to happen through IWP.

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This topic is 3288 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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