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FM11 Schedules to run a script

Scott Pon

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I'm doing something new so pardon me if I don't have all the details.


My Company would like to get daily snapshots, for example, how many orders are in-house.  Then you can graph and track the trend: are the number of orders going up or going down.


My understanding is that the server (Filemaker 11 server standard) can utilize the "Schedule" feature to run the script.  

"created a schedule",

selected my database and entered username/password.  

Selected the script to run.  

No timelimit,

Set the frequency (currently every 1 minute since i'm testing it)


My script:

Goto TrendTable layout

make a New Record

Insert Current Date into DateField

Insert Current Time into TimeField

Set Field SOCount = Count(SalesOrderDatabase::SalesOrderNumber)


When I run the script it works fine.

When I run the Schedule to run the script, the server reports "Filemaker Script Error"  I set up a notification Email, and it tells me "Schedule "Timer Test" completed; last scripting error (103)."


First: am I on the right track?

and 2nd: where is the problem? is it because I'm trying to get information from a related table?


Thanks in advance.


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103 = Relationship is missing.  Looks like your script does not establish the proper context.

Remember that a scheduled script will run the complete on-open routine when it opens the file, not just your script.  So I'm guessing that something goes wrong in the on-open scripts.

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Welp, i'm stupid.  I didn't set the "go to layout" step.  it was "go to layout [original]" and not the layout I wanted.  A R G.  once I set the layout that I wanted it worked properly.


But thanks for your insight.  It does help.

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This topic is 2925 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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