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Multi User Record sets


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Think before you start.

I am thinking of developing a hosted FM solution, where 1000 users share a database.

Each user should control a few hundred records, so the total number of records could come close to a million.

The user only has to see his own records, and all other records should be hidden for him.

Offcourse I am planning to use FM go to add mobility and so I created the need for sync.


My question is, what are recommended techniques to use to prevent the synchronisation of All records.

If the user uses the same databas on his iPad as the hosted version, he would have to carry around and sync too many data.

So how to best design this, so a user only handles and syncs his own record set.


Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


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Wim --


With EasySync, you can specify which records to sync based on your own business rules. For example, you can base the rules on the device being used, or, in your case, the user that is syncing.


For details, see "EasySync Integration FAQ & Best Practices" available here: http://fmeasysync.com/docs-easysync-integration/Specifically, see the section titled "Can I use EasySync to sync specific records based on business rules?"


-- Tim

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This topic is 2895 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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