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Install filemaker server on windows server with exchange server?

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Hello im planing to install fm server on windows server 2012 that is used to run an exchange server . Is this recomended or i will get problems on future? My server solution will serve 10 users .

And actually the exchange server is managing about 15 email accounts.

Please let me know your recomendations i will aprecciate

Thank you

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The best practice is to give FMS its own server; less risk; less worries.


If server roles do need to be combined (after acknowledging the deviation from best practices), then mail servers make really bad companions for FMS.  Very disk intensive - depending on the volume, and disk i/o as a bottleneck carries the biggest penalty in overall FMS performance.


What's the spec on that server?

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Also be aware that some implementations of exchange servers are using port 80 and/or port 443, which will prevent you from any web use of your FileMaker server.

While you should follow the advice by Steven and Wim, it is possibly to use a machine for more than just FileMaker, though it is not recommended.

I had a customer with a Kerio connect (exhange alternative) and had to make changes to ports in that installation in order to make it run with FileMaker. And that is maybe not even possibly with an exchange server. And, while trying to make it work, you end up spending so much time, that you are better off by purchasing a seperate machine for FileMaker Server.

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This topic is 3195 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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