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EasyDeploy: Sequence Question


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If a remote client has data which has not yet been synced to the server but chooses to update using easy deploy, is the data on the original client database lost in this process?  Or, is there some check to ensure that Sync is complete before easy deploy updates the client database?


It would be interesting to then Reset the updated client database so the times are current although perhaps this should be done before embedding the client update in the easy deploy layout container on the server.  


I wonder how hard it would be to then sync only the records that where originally in the client database back to the new version.  


Perhaps this is already happening & I have missed it, or maybe just wishful thinking.
Just looking to make deployment updates as transparent as possible.


As always, thoughts, comments and outright laughter is most welcome,



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Hi there.


The only "check" that occurs is in EasySync itself. Prior to pulling a payload from the server, if a new version of the client is available, then the user is notified and given an opportunity to download the update.


What you described  (importing what had already been in the original copy of the client into the newly download update of the client) is possible, but you would need to modify the code to support this. I think you could just export the data to temp files, perform the update, and then look for an import data from the temp files.


Good luck!


-- Tim

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This topic is 2885 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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