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"authentication failed on database” error problems

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My question is is there anything other than a bad login attempt (i.e. mistyped Username and/or Password) that can trigger a “authentication failed on database” error in a FM 13 Server log? I have a client who every once in a while seems to have login problems where users on the system (A Windows Server 12 LAN) can’t log on and typing too fast or sloppy is the only thing I can think of that could be causing them that problem.


Is there anything else I should consider or look for?

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Well that's not it. This database has been up and running for them for several months now and most of the time (I think all of the time) is working just fine. But every once in a while, usually one particular user but not always has a problem logging in. There will be maybe three login attempts in a row and then I get a couple of frantic phone calls, login myself no problem and then login to the server and I see the authentication errors, Outside of 'people need to be careful when logging in to type their credentials correctly' I can't figure out what else could be the problem. 

I think I recall hearing once upon a time that if FM Server is conducting a backup while a user is logging in that will reject the user and log that error but I not even sure of that since my recollection of it is so vague.

I'm also thinking hey maybe it's a bad/loose ethernet cable connection? I'm going it next week to take a look but I just trying to collect all the information I can about what it could possibly be before I throw any blame on the employees using the system.

The usual one is if the file is still set to auto-login with "admin" and that account is disabled or EA is in use.

 By the way, by "EA is in use" did you mean "External Authentication is in use" or something else?

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Depending on how authentication is configured, excessive log-on attempts (unsuccessful) can trigger an account suspension.  Also if there is an entry in the KeyChain or the Credentials Manager for the file that is no longer valid, the same error can occur.


What does the Access Log in the Admin Console have to say?



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I continue to deal with very similar issues.  I have two end users who can't seem to stop double-clicking an open file button, and every time, it attempts to open a database other than the one they intended.  Can't quite figure out how or why this occurs.  I get the authentication failed message every time.

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This topic is 2188 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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