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Caller ID integration via FileMaker tip

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For those looking for a way to do caller ID integration with FileMaker . . . .

Here's what I have going. The US patent office's examiners each have a unique phone number, which we have stored in a database. When a phone call comes in on our VoIP phone (our provider is Phone.com, but Call Centric looks better and better), an AppleScript is trigger, which triggers a FileMaker script to show all the relevant patent applications we're working on with that examiner. Even before the phone is answered, we know who the person is, and what application(s) he's going to be discussing.

The glue between our VoIP phone and FileMaker is a Mac program called Phone Amego. I highly recommend it. The developer is very responsive, and the price is quite reasonable. This will be helping out our workflow in the future. (FYI -- I have no connections to Phone Amego other than being a satisfied customer.)


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