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Employee Scheduling in FM

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Hi guys, I've been tasked by my manager to find or create a program that will take into account  availability and the target number of hours per week for each person and schedule shifts. can this be done in Filemaker? how hard is it? am I barking up the wrong tree? thanks

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can this be done in Filemaker? how hard is it? am I barking up the wrong tree?


These questions are very difficult to answer, because we don't know the exact (or even the approximate) specifications for the required solution. How hard is it? Depending on the number and type of constraints it needs to take into account, it could be anywhere between intermediate to extremely difficult, or even impossible to implement in Filemaker. It might be very difficult to implement by other means, too - see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nurse_scheduling_problem


Perhaps your requirements are more modest, but it is difficult to imagine a scenario where such thing would be really easy. If you're just starting with Filemaker, then this would hardly be a good project to cut your teeth on.


See also:


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Agree with comment.  Been a hacker/developer while running my psych practice for some 6 years now and I just found a way to pull this off that is approaching usable.  I employed a lot of execute SQL to make it work - but ... well thats another post.  Needless to say - likely possible but also hard to do.

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      Let me first preface this by saying I am by no means an expert on Filemaker, more an enthusiast looking to save my small regional field hockey facility from purchasing an expensive shrink wrapped package.
      After searching high and low for a way in which to generate a sports leagues fixture, by using a combination of Custom Functions, Calculations and Scripting.  I've also been working on my own to generate something that will get me closer to my goal.
      This forum post is VERY close, but I've come up with a few things that make for a little more flexibility.  Also, the solution posted by Eos has an issue with calculating the fixtures for a league that has an odd number of teams.  That being said some points within this solution have been invaluable in getting my solution to where it currently is, so a very big thanks to Eos for his assistance previously.
      Onto my solution... Posted Here
      There are two issues at this stage, no doubt more will pop up...
      1) The Match List, which utilises a CF called UnorderedPairs found on Brian Dunning's site, is sequential meaning all the 1 | x values are generated first, and then the 2 | x values and so on... Instead the combinations need to come out in a series that allows each team to play only once, and balances the distribution of the fixtures over the time slots available during the season. Home and Away designations DO NOT Matter, since all games are played at a single venue, with the time being the only designation for each round of fixtures.
      2) The Loop that creates the fixtures does not carry the previous values forward with the counter, so each round ends up being the same, the script needs to 'remember' the used values and then step forward to the next available value from the match list at the completion of each round.
      As an alternative, I have a Python Script that will create the schedule perfectly, but I have no idea how to integrate Python into a Filemaker Solution, so I've moved away from that, but I do still have the Script available should I need it.  So if anyone out there is able to help out in that respect, please let me know.
       Any and all help is greatly appreciated 
      Many Thanks
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