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Corrupted Container Fields


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We've experienced some issues with corrupted documents in container fields which were included in the sync process. This affects PDF's and JPG's. This hasn't affected every record as far as we can tell. The files were inserted into the container fields in the main database on the server with external (Open) storage. They were transferred to the mobile device via a sync and were not modified on the mobile device, so should not have synced back to the main database. The corruption is in both the server and mobile files.


I did read in another thread about an incompatiubility with the Compress option in the insert file dialog, but this seems unlikely as the end users aren't likely to have even noticed the option, let alone use it without first asking.


I have no way of telling whether the corruption occurred or whether EasySync is the cause, but I really need advice as to the likelihood that it was and whether there is a solution. Urgent assistance would be most appreciated as we can't use the sync process for fear of potentially causing more damage.




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This topic is 2810 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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