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Looking for PyPlugin

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I'm looking for information about a FileMaker plugin called "PyPlugin." I have a client with an existing system who has it installed on macOS, but I can't find any information or documentation about it. Given the name, I assume it allows the execution of Python within FileMaker, but this isn't PyFM or PyFileMaker, since first, it's working on a Mac, and second, it's a plugin, not a Python library.

The system has been used for quite some time, so perhaps the plugin isn't available any more, but if anyone can point to any documentation for it, or, of course preferably, a link to be able to download it, I would appreciate it.



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    • By Mark Jockin
      Can you share the development plans for releasing FM Cloud compatible plugins?
    • By cril
      Hi I'm trying to develop an interface between my filemaker database and a SOAP service. No where in the wsdl is there any authorisation so I believe I need to send my username and password before the SOAP envelope. I'm trying to do that with Scriptmaster but there are only three input parameters none of which appear useful for generating or inputting the HTTP authorisation Basic that needs to be in place. I can't see the fedex modules which may have had the parameters I needed. Can anybody help/advise or suggest another plugin I should use.
      Many thanks for reading this.
    • By BruceR
      (posted on FileMaker Community also)
      I have a client where we use the Base Elements plugin to transfer data to a web site.
      The web site developer has given us an API, and we use the BE_HTTP_PUT_DATA command for this purpose.
      This is used with FMS14 scheduled script.
      Results are MOSTLY successful. 
      However, occasionally the script will hang. We have put a time limit on the server schedule, and it is supposed to abort if the time limit is passed.
      Though the abort happens, it leaves the scheduled user running, and the only way to disconnect that "hung" user is to use fmsadmin restart fmse.
      After much testing, it appears that somewhere there is a 600 second limit.
      It looks like all instances of failure occur when it takes the web site longer than 600 seconds to return a result.
      Most results return in 530 seconds or greater.
      After emailing Nick Orr at Goya about this, he mentioned the curl option CURLOPT_TIMEOUT.
      The base elements plugin has a command, BE_Curl_Set_Option.
      I have found nothing anywhere in the system that declares this.
      I could try to use the BE_Curl_Set_Option command.
      However, it seems likely that something else in the system might be setting this.
      Some other plugins are use by this system, including 360works Plastic 2.
      Any ideas on where to look for this 600 second limit?
    • By Chuck
      I have found the 24U plugin template to be quite useful in porting a plugin that was originally built for Windows, but one issue I've come across is that the function IDs need to match the existing Windows version instead of working sequentially.
      In an attempt to make this happen, I added a `#define` for each of the plugin functions in FMTConfig.h, such as:
      #define FUNCTION_1_ID             15007 Then I changed the lines in FMTemplate.cpp to read like this:
      err = RegisterExternalFunction( FUNCTION_1_ID, FUNCTION_1_PARAMS, regFunction1Flags, FUNCTION_1_C_NAME ); ... UnRegisterExternalFunction( FUNCTION_1_ID ); .... (void) fmx::ExprEnv::UnRegisterExternalFunction(*pluginID, FUNCTION_26_ID ); One function, the second one, retains the default ID, so it reads
      #define FUNCTION_2_ID             2 Anyone familiar with the template has probably already guessed what has happened. That second function is the only one that is useable in FileMaker. The rest of the functions have blank lines in the function list of the calculation dialog box.
      I think this is related to the myplc.c and files, but can't quite figure out what needs to be changed. I *think* I might need to edit FMTemplate.plc, but that doesn't seem right, since it hasn't been edited to this point and only includes the strings generation code for the first 10 functions (there are 26 functions at this point).
      Just to try it out, I attempted to directly edit the strings file after the plugin was built, but this didn't help, or more properly, I wasn't sure what edits to make.
      So, if I *need* to have my first function have a function ID of 15007 instead of 1, what else do I need to change?
    • By Tala Kap
      Anyone tried using Productive Computing Inc iCal Manipulator Plug-In? I bought it but need help actually integrating with my database so it looks like a calendar. Any help greatly appreciated.