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Mark Stuller

Invalid parameter binding(s)

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I am getting a new error. I thought I could decipher SQL but don't see an error in the included SQL snippet. I could move to XML, but hope not to.

Thanks, Mark


Mar 20, 2017 11:20:55 AM com.prosc.mirror.config.server.SyncServer$3 call
SEVERE: Sync between data.oda.state.or.us / MAFIS (FileMaker Server) and rludy( username 'developer', running Go_iPad 15.0.3 on, ping time: 8627 ms, machine name: 'rludy' )
Last sync failed: com.prosc.sync.AbortException: [FileMaker][FileMaker JDBC] Invalid parameter binding(s).

SQL statement: SELECT "C_PATHOGENCROP"."UUID", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."z_ModifiedTS", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."?SynonymName", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."CompanyInfo", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."CropListAppear", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."DiseaseName", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."ID_Crop", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."ID_Pathogen", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."Listed", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."Notes", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."PathogenOther", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."PathogenRequirements", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."PathogenSeedborne", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."Rating", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."ReferenceSource", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."SecondInspectionRequired", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."xCropBotanicalName", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."xCropCommonName", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."z_DeletePermission_n", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."z_EditPermission_n", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."Researched_n", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."YearRequest", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."z_CreationTS", "C_PATHOGENCROP".ROWMODID AS MirrorSync_ETag, "C_PATHOGENCROP".ROWID AS MirrorSync_InsertOrder FROM "C_PATHOGENCROP" WHERE "C_PATHOGENCROP"."z_ModifiedTS" >= ?

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      My scenario has 2 teams each syncing to the same file on the server.
      We will have 2 Sync configs, 1 for each team.
      Team A Sync config using JDBC
      Team A will get an offline copy of the same file that is on the server, with ALL the data.
      Team A will sync ALL tables (2 way sync).
      No problem there.
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      I am imagining this can be accomplished through JDBC, ODBC, or SQL.  Ideally it would be via SQL.  It will provide a portal between the two systems, and update each others tables whenever the need arises.
      From what I understand, this should be possible.  If for some reason we can't get the two databases talking directly with each other, perhaps inter-relating the two with a back-end SQL database is a possibility?  We may try to build a FileMaker web portal to an ArcGIS web-viewer which can be updated, but it is kinda kludgey and does not update both tables.
      If anyone knows a method how this can be accomplished, please let me know!  Or reccomendations on where I can post to the correct forum. 
      And please let me know if I am not making any sense or I am garbling the language.  I am known for both. ;-)

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