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Inventory - Kit relations


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I am modifying the Invoice sample that comes with FM to provide some basic Inventory management functions.  Works pretty well.  However...I really need to be able to order a product in 2 ways :  (1) (Kit - ISBN) and have that deplete and ship all of the parts that make the kit. (2) as individual pieces)  For example:

Kit 1234 (includes)

3 of part 2234

5 of part 9987

1 of part 097

Someone might order Kit 1234 PLUS an extra 9987.


Make sense?  No clue on how to connect them.  Thanks in advance File Maker Jedis.

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Well it would help to see how you have it put together now.  Can you provide a sample or clone with some records? Does it currently deplete stock when you either order a kit or order individually?

This may help.  It describes adding a BOM table, which in your case could be a 'kit' table:


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Hi Steve-  thanks for the quick reply.  (I made the assumption that folks have seen the INVOICE database in the Templates with FM.)  A reminder to never assume.  :-)

I will upload a copy tonight....I will also look at the post you copied.


Thank you sir!



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I originally looked at the Invoice Starter solution in 12 and found it rather confusing.  Keep in mind most starter solutions are considered a kind of proof of concept...iow, "here's an example of invoicing".  It's best to pick through them, see how the layouts are designed,  use the script debugger and watch scripts, then go on and build your own.

FM Starting point has some nice solutions and are built really as, well, a good starting point.  And they have their own section on this forum:

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Hi beerad, and welcome to the FM Forums,

See if this file by Todd Geist is of any help Inventory Transactions

The Templates that come with FileMaker do not always meet the needs of the user and can be difficult to modify and/or include as a table your solution. It is often easier to just create a new file or table for your solution. 

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This topic is 1818 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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