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Remote connection to server

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Hope someone can help with this issue.

I have filemaker server 14 installed on windows 10 ( yes! I know that is not part of the recommended specs by filemaker but it has been very stable for me as I only use it for odd db's when I am out and about from the office) and was working fine no issues whatsoever. I use ports 8080,443 and have port forwarded them through router as well as all the other ports required as per filemaker documentation.

All of a sudden it has stopped working. (no! There have been no windows updates)

I have disabled all firewalls and Sophos(this really doesnt like server for some reason). 

I can connect to the server via LAN (ie local network) fine. but connecting remotely has stopped all of a sudden. 

I use changeip to create a dynamic IP and that is working fine.

I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the server as well.

Any ideas as to where i could look to see where the problem may lie?

I have tried to connect with filemaker go V13, 14 and 15 and filmaker pro 14 and 15 from variuos machines (no joy) now i am completely pulling what little hair I have out.

cheers in advance.

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You mention that you had opened ports 8080 and 443, but not port 5003.  FM Go and Pro use port 5003 for the bulk of their operation and the web ports only for specific purposes like uploading files and container interactivity.  If you don't have port 5003 open and forwarded to your FMS then it won't work.

Also: changeip will let get you an external IP to connect to.  The port forwarding however also needs to be set up to forward to the internal IP machine of your FMS box.  If your FMS box is on DHCP and its IP address changes then your port forwarding will break.  FMS should be on a machine that is configured with a static internal IP address that is outside of the DHCP range.

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Wim, Thanks for the reply. You are correct in what you say I am sorry if my post wasn't clear. I forwarded all ports as per filemaker documentation including 5003. 

The changeip issue has me a little perplexed in that the server for fm resides on a machine with a static internal ip of I have port forwarded that address in router so in other words eg 5003 is port forwarded to this internal ip. I assume that is what you meant. If that is the case (and I assume it is as it was working previously using this setup) I am at a loss at this point in time. 

Thanks for your time.

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This topic is 2740 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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