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Scripting Find For Artists *or* Artworks

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I'm revisiting a Filemaker Go solution I put together a few years ago where I implemented a clumsy workaround for a problem I couldn't figure out.  I have a database that stores ARTIST records and child ARTWORKS records, and I have a layout with a bunch of searchable fields drawn from both tables so that the user can search for, say, American (Artist field) & Watercolor (Artwork field) 

I'd like the user to be able to specify whether the Find will display a list of ARTISTS (American watercolorists) *or* ARTWORKS (Watercolors by Americans).

Currently, I have two buttons on the layout, so when the user enters his search terms, he taps the appropriate button and a script takes him to a layout with the appropriate context and results (I put a Script Parameter on the Find Artists button).  This works okay, but it is really inelegant and non-intuitive, because in Find mode the Keyboard is on display for entering the search terms, including a big blue irrisistable "GO" button that invites the user to execute the search -- which is of course not going to do what I want it to do.

Is there a way for me to use a Script Trigger that would intercept the Find action and perform my branching script instead of delivering the native Find based open the current context?  I haven't been able to figure it out -- perhaps an OnModeExit? I've gotten kind of confused about what happens to the search result and when a script might intervene.

An alternative is I suppose I could just give the user a choice of two layouts to go to depending on whether he wants to search for Artworks or Artists -- adding a step to the search process.



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Can you add a radio button as part of the search that does this specification? Then you can branch based on its value...

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Webko -- thanks for the suggestion. THat seems likethe kind of thing I want to do - - but I'm hazy on the mechanics.  How do I trigger he script to run?  The user fills in the search field, including a radio button, then taps "Go" and filmmaker runs the Find on the current context .  . .  . I assume I'd attach a script to a Script trigger on the layout so that after the Find executes, this additional thing happens.  But I'm unclear on what trigger to use (Record load?  Mode exit?  Mode Enter?). . . or whether I'm not even thinking the right approach her?  I may be missing something obvious!

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Add the script to the button object - no need for a trigger

I would make the radio button a global text field - Artists_Works_g perhaps

Then the script called when pressing the button uses an if based on the value of the field to perform to go to the correct layout and perform the correct search

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Ack -- I'm either not getting my situation across or just missing the obvious -- the "Button" is on the slide-up keyboard on the iPad -- is it possible to attach a script to a button that is not on the FIlemaker layout, but on the built-in iPad keyboard that appears when you type in any app?  As far as I'm aware the 'Go' button just executes the search?  Here's a picture of the screen -- you can see the buttons I set up and how they are 'upstaged' by the ipad-native 'Go!' button.  


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