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Web Viewer & 'Hide Object When'

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I have a nifty little backgammon quizzing solution set up for FMGo that shows images of game positions and you tap on the image container to view the solution  below. This works by toggling a simple text field from empty to 'Show' when you tap the Problem image.   I've used the calculation  IsEmpty ( Positions::z_SolutionToggle ) in the 'Hide Object When' option in the inspector for three items on the layout:  A Text Field giving the simple answer, a Container Field with a picture of the proper solution, and a Web Viewer for displaying comments about the proper play. Tapping the Problem image toggles the control field empty again, hiding the 3 items.  I have an 'On Record Load' script trigger set up to clear the toggle field so when you go to the next problem the answers are hidden.

All three items work just fine in FMP my desktop.  On the iPad in Go, however, the Web Viewer is glitching in a particular way.  The tapping to show/hide works fine - - but if I have the answers revealed and tap for the Next problem, the web viewer fails to Hide itself, while the other two objects hide  as expected.  The data in the web-viewer *does* update to the text for the fresh problem -- it just doesn't hide itself.  The other tw items vanish, but it stays there, displaying the new comments.  Tapping the Problem pictures toggles the other two items into view as planned, and another tap hides all three, and moving to the next problem, they all remain hidden as intended, so it is only when going frrom the Revealed state to the next Hidden state that the web viewer falls down.

The contents of the web viewer are drawn from a text field using this data URL I gleaned from a thread where web-viewers were offered as an alternative to fields with scrollbars in GO because scrollbars don't work so well in GO:

"data:text/html," & "<html><style>*{ font-family: arial, verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 16px;}</style><body>" & 

Substitute ( GetAsCSS ( Positions::Comments ) ; "¶" ; "<br />" )

& "</body></html>"

I have the 'Allow Interaction' and 'Automatically encode URL' boxes ticked.

Any suggestions for fixing this bug?  Thanks!


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Scrolling doesn't do well with containers on FMgo.

Text works a little bit better with scrolling, so I would put the text back in the field. Or use a popover if the text is too big. Have it beside the text field. It would remove the need to scroll, which unless the whole layout is scrolling, may not be a great experience. (touch gestures are a bit more finicky than a mouse/trackpad)

Just a thought

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Thanks for the suggestion -- but to clarify, I'm not trying to scroll with a Container field, it's a web-viewer, and it behaves very nicely in that regard.  It's just this selective  'Hide When' glitch that has me puzzled here.

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