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filemaker pro 15 slow to open if pc on line

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Hello, I am using l am filemaker 15 pro advanced in windows 10 computer (64 bit, 8gb ram).  I buy it few week ago and i converted my database from the old version fm5. The database work properly but it is very slow to open, about 60 second or more. I am working as standalone (no remote connection). I noted thta if the PC is offline (no network or internet connection) the database open in less that 6 second. It is very strange because I have not any ip configuration and any sharing option... what can be the problem?

Thank you in advance


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check the "external data sources", there are probably a bunch of them in there and you don't need anymore.

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I would start by checking under external data sources, what used to be under Define Relationships in fp5 for all your files.  Second, if you have never done a conversion from fp5 to fp7 then I would highly recommend you read the documentation on the differences.


And perhaps this can help you out as well.


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43 minutes ago, Wim Decorte said:

check the "external data sources", there are probably a bunch of them in there and you don't need anymore.


47 minutes ago, Wim Decorte said:

check the "external data sources", there are probably a bunch of them in there and you don't need anymore.

Thank you Wim. In effect was the "extenal datasource" . There was a lot of orphan link of old PCs, IP direction etc ...all stored during 10 years. Simply I edit all the field leaving " file:nameoffileFP15"

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