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I have a set of tables that pull information into a separate table (Table A) , to populate it and prevent user data entry that is incorrect. What I'm trying to do with field A (Table A) is filter records (from Table B ) through field B (also Table A) and then choose from the remaining records by a range of two fields in Table B of a minimum number and a maximum number. If field C (the number field in Table A) is equal to or between the min and max, then a field from the same record in Table B fills in field A, Table A.

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This topic is 1024 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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    • By nsdodgers
      Hello, I have a number field where I want the user to be able to enter things like:
      42 (only item 42) 12+82 (only items 12 and 82) 1-5 (items 1 through 5) 31,33,35,37 (only items 31,33,35,37) So I am need of a way for filemaker to deal with the operators '+' '-' and ','
      Do you have any advice on how I can separate out the item numbers?
    • By dkey
      I have 2 DB with the following fields
      VIDEO:     CLIPNAME, RECORDED_DATE, and other fields not relevant to my question
      Unfortunately the recorded dates are different and so are the names.
      I need to link the two db and I hope to find a way to relate the two files so that the RECORDED_DATE in the VIDEO file will tell me what is the SOUNDFILE recorded in the other DB
      I tried to add a STARTDATE and ENDDATE to the AUDIO db to get a range of times so the VIDEO file could give me the Video FileNames recorded during the selected timestamp range
      Here I add samples of the two files to make it easier for anyone willing to help
      There are a few more records in the VIDEO files but this is normal while filming
      Thanks a lot for any help and regards
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      I want to create a Dropdown List of numeric options to select a range of records.  For example, the Dropdown list would contain:
      Each option would select the next 5;10;20;50 or 100 records to the right.  A Checkbox would be populated (with an X) in the selected number of contiguous records; Then, a Find Selected Checkboxes would return the selected records.  The contiguous selection should be independent of whatever the current state of Found (Sorted/Unsorted) is.
      Any help will be gratefully acknowledged.

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