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Applescript with encryption via terminal

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We are working on a process for passing certain info nuggets out of a solution (FMP 13) in an encrypted method.

For various reasons a version upgrade isn't feasible. So the plan is to encrypt the nuggets, then pass them into a format for transport.

Currently, we're using Applescript to pass the particular fields into an AES-256-CBC encryption process in a calculated Applescript step, as follows :



"property targetCell: \"table::field1\" ¶
do shell script \"echo " & field1 & field2 & field3 &" encryptionsaltbit | openssl aes-256-cbc -k thisismypassword -base64\" ¶
copy result to cell targetCell of current record"


The problems which concern me here:

1. The password is "traveling" into Terminal in plaintext.   Is there a way this can be viewed during the process (a 'ps' or some other method)??

2. Is there a better method to accomplish this without running as an echo?


I've tried various flavors of this process (successful encryption & transport, etc), but am most concerned about the potential vulnerability from within OSX.. I've run various flavors, then attempted to grep for any of the password strings in log files and Library/Application Support/ folders, but haven't found anything...

Is this an unfounded issue, or should I be going a different direction?

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This topic is 864 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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