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Print 20 layout with duplex under single print job

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Dear All,

I would like seek for your help on my current situation. I had PC laptop running Filemaker Pro 15 with a Duplex printer.

In my solution i had create 21, first layout will be consist of a field and print button. As of the rest of 20 layouts which i had set the field in different location ( randomly ).
My intention is to have duplex printing all the 20 layouts in one single print job. 

How can do that with one single button?

Thank you in advance. 

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Hi Lee,

Im asking about printing the layout in layout mode. 

For example Layout 1 i had a Global Field which i will key in a name, and at the bottom i will have a button with script to print the rest of 20 layouts in duplex mode in single print job. 
The 20 layout i had prefix location of the field where by will show the name i key-in in the Global Field. 

I will just need to know how to script it and maybe some setting needed. Thank you. 

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Your request makes no sense. You cannot print in layout mode.

For that matter; you cannot click a button in layout mode; and you cannot enter data into a field; global or otherwise; in layout mode.

It is extremely difficult to understand what you are trying to do. If you can attach your file; or a clone of your file; it would help.

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You need to script your logic to generate a PDF from the first layout you are on and then append to PDF all other layouts that you wish, then open the PDF and print it on your duplex printer. In addition you can append portrait and landscape layouts to be appended to the PDF you just need to add the print setup orientation in your script


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Hi qpywsqp, sorry I didn't get back to you,

I agree with Bruce that your question it is hard to follow and I should have replied that to you on Sunday. So, if I was understand what you were describing, than you couldn't do this using a a script and a button, and that you would have to do this manually.

Way back in version 5-6 days, you could (IIRC) print all of the layouts of a file, but I hadn't tried that since version 7 was released. I did a quick test on Sunday to see if this was still the case, and I could only get it to print the current layout.

I see that Ocean West has posted while I was typing my reply, and I see he has said the same thing.



p.s. I forgot to ask why you wanted to set this up using a button? That seems indicates that you wanted to do this more than once?

Edited by Lee Smith
add the p.s.
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This topic is 897 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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