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Printing large text fields & odd field behavior

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I have a musical performance management solution (Gigs) which contains several tables including Gigs (performance dates, times, etc.), Songbook (information about an actual song performed), gigs_PERFORMANCES which joins the two, and other related tables.

Two fields in the Songbook table are large text fields (Lyrics and Chart) which are the lyrics for a song and the guitar/piano chart for the song, respectively. Both can be long - particularly lyrics. Also a flag field indicating the presence of data in either field exists in the Songbook table.


The objective is to print a lyrics book or charts book for a Gig  or create a PDF of same (portal to gigs_PERFORMANCES provides the list).


Everything works fairly well at this point. In my print layout, I have Lyrics formatted as very, very large field (28" height) with shrinking set. The layout is sized to the same length so that part I went through several iterations to get the printout to paginate correctly.

I now have one very strange issue and a pie-in-the-sky question.


There's a very weird issue which I've tested in several different Gigs records. On ONE particular Gig, the last two record's lyrics are combined. I don't know how to show this except to share this PDF screen capture of the last two lines of the song "Home" which is followed by the entire set of lyrics for the song "At Last."

"At Last" should start a new page with a new updated header and page number. All previous pages are perfect.
I have absolutely no idea where to start to troubleshoot this issue.



In the case of these fields, charts in particular, you can see that chords are displayed on the line above the lyric the go with. Thus, if possible, I'd like to always keep the lines together (i.e., no page break). This is also the case with lyrics where one might want a particular verse or phrase to always remain together to avoid breaks in illogical places in the lyric. 

Does anyone know of a way to "keep" text within a field together? I think it doesn't exist, but thought I would ask.


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