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JH Howland

Send Mail will not allow two (2) attachments

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Filemaker Pro Adv 12 running under Windows 10.

Trying to "Send Mail" with two (2) attachments.  The specified attachment files are defined as $Path1 (from_map.png) and $Path2 (to_map.png).  Both files are located at C:/Users/{user id}/AppData/Local/Temp/S<n>.

The Specified files are entered as:

However, when Send Mail is activated only $PATH1 is shown as an attachment.

Can't seem to get past this problem, help please.

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Hi There

The ability to send mail with two attachments was added in FileMaker 17, up to that point you can only send one attachment with FM's built-in script steps.

You may be able to use a plug-in (MonkeyBreadSoftware or BaseElements) to send multiple attachment in FileMaker 12.

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