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Nesting Unique field autofill values within if () and case()

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Hi guys, 

Im trying to autofill a field depending on the value of other fields -- Ideally this field would be autofilled with some text immediately followed by a numeric value that increases by 1 for each new record. I currently have this:

If ( Case1 = "A" ; (Case(Type = "Protein" ; "test1xxx"; Type = "Antibody"; "test2xxx"; Type = "DNA"; "test3xxx")))

I would like to replace the "xxx" components with "000" through "999". I was hoping someone would have some insight on this. Any help would be appreciated. 

Thank you! 

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Create a field and set it to be an auto-entered serial number. Then each part of your calc would like like:

"test1" & theField

Or, like this:

If ( Case1 = "A" ; Case( Type = "Protein" ; "test1"; Type = "Antibody"; "test2"; Type = "DNA"; "test3") & theField )

... but that may not be a good fit if there can be other test types.

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