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PDF not showing in container field

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I have a PDF that I cannot view in a container field. Interactive Content is checked. I assume the PDF file is valid because if I'm in Layout Mode with Sample Data on, the image shows in the container field. But, once I go to Browse mode, it doesn't show. If I view container attributes in the data viewer, it appears everything is as it should be. Any thoughts?




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I found that article before I posted and tried it. It didn't make any difference, unfortunately. I have scoured the internet for articles dealing with this and simply cannot find a solution.

It seems that it has to be a valid file, as the Show Sample Data displays it fine. I've also tried combination of Insert PDF and Insert File. I've also tried adding the "Image" prefix in Insert File, but to now avail. 

Any other ideas?

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Is this a specific PDF file you are having a problem with or does the container field behave the same way with any PDF? If the former, can we see the PDF? If the latter, can we see your file?


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When I try to open your file, Filemaker performs a recovery due to "improperly closed file". After that the PDFs are displayed as expected - except  for the last one which appears to have been inserted as a file.


In a cross-post to another forum you describe crashes and error messages which you did not mention here. Which leads me to suspect you have the same problem as the one discussed here:

and in more length here:

For indexing: Adobe plugins

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Thanks so much! The Adobe plugins were the issue. The crash and Adobe part were late-developing. You are a genius! I scoured those forums and never came across those posts.


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      According to FM documentation, interactive content is rendered by the default browser on the platform, i.e. I.E. on Windows and Safari on Mac.
      This seems to be new behavior. Does anyone else see this?
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