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Help with script please

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Hello hope all is keeping well?

Please I need help with this script what I have been trying to do for the last week is to put a saved PDF into a container field after its been created?

I have tried to insert into a container field with the field be interactive and not Interactive but with no joy.

The script attached is where I have been trying to place the script where the red line are?

So after its saved to the desktop import into a container field so we have a copy of the PDF

I hope someone would be so kind to help me


Thank You519870981_Screenshot2020-10-05at16_15_20.thumb.png.916d32e74f5b1fc86a6ed12358be13ea.png

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Hello comment thank you for the link 

I have tried all the ways listed in the link and all I'm getting is the error 102 field is missing I have tried using another field but still getting the errors I looked up the error code and other recommendations is that pull it off the panel out of the live field but again still getting an error


Any Thoughts ????

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Well, which field, in which table, are you trying to insert the PDF into? And is it on the current layout?

Your script shows you are in a layout of Job_Samples, showing only related records starting from some parent table. I would have thought that the container field would be defined in this parent table, and therefore accessible from the current context. But apparently you're doing something else.


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Ok here goes lol I will do my best to explain?

I am in layout: Job_Details with the Table: Job the Job_Samples is another Table called SAM_Samples which when I done the relationship I called it Job_Samples so you have connected Job_Details to Job_Samples

In the layout Job_Samples I have a container field called pdf and that's where the saved pdf should be Imported.

I have also put a container field in a layout called SAM_Samples and changed the script to input the saved pdf in that one but I'm still getting a error.

I hope this helps.


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I am afraid I couldn't understand any of it.

I believe you are getting the error because the target field is not on the current layout - i.e. the layout you're on when you call the Insert File script step.

Note that there is  a way to insert a file into a container field even if the field is not on the current layout. But I think you should solve the current problem first.


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