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FileMaker Server v19


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Guys, there is a task, to establish work between FileMaker Server v19 and clients FMS Pro & Go.

What is the challenge?

1. On a new computer, Windows 10 is installed, then a virtual machine, and on a virtual machine Microsoft Windows Server 19, and on this server has installed FileMaker Server v19. To my mind - Frankenstein)))) The installation was completely done by me. We set a task, completed it ... but ...

2. To the admin panel - I have access through local host. In the admin panel on the main page I see all the data as well as the IP that the server has. The installation was carried out according to the official instructions.

3. It's time for tests - On my second work computer, FMP v19 in the host list displays the name of the server that I previously installed and configured as stated in the instructions. But when trying to send a database to the host or open it, it always shows the download and the inscription - "Waiting for response" My thoughts led me to open the ports that were in the instructions. Open the server firewall in the virtual machine, and added the ports that are indicated in the instructions. Didn't give a result.

4. On the server itself, the admin panel FileMaker Server v19 opens without problems. On remote computers, does not open by IP. and clients see the server in the hosts but do not have access to it. The certificate I chose which issues the standard one from the program.

Guys, what could be the problem? All computers are on the same local network without VLAN.



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This topic is 928 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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