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FINALLY a Linux production version - and promptly running into issue connecting

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Hello Crew: 


So during beta, everything worked fine and I was delighted to see FMS 19 for Linux go into the first production release. 

So we installed Centos 7 anew, put an instance of FMS on it - and it seemed to be running fine. 


First indication of problems: File upload through the Sharing menu option did not seem to be able to connect to the server. 

No biggie - so we hard-uploaded into the opt/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Database directory, changed ownership and permissions - and voila - the web interface shows the hosted file just fine. 

Webdirect works like a charm and we can access the file. 


ONLY: Accessing that machine from a Filemaker Pro app connects - but something is amiss. 

On first connection, it gives this warning that it is not using a SSL connection - which is weird, we installed the Claris test cert so it should be SSL. 

Second, once we accept that we are connecting to a non-secure server: 

FileMaker Pro 19 app says: 

No files are currently hosted on (HOSTIP). 


WHAT GIVES? I am staring at the open file hosted right in my web admin. I am logged into it on webdirect. 

Why on earth would I not be able to connect through Filemaker Pro 19 from a Mac? 


Am I missing something dead obvious here? 





I am hosting three files on the FMS19 Linux now: 

The sample file; 

a TASKS file; 

and my business File, TEST. 


I can see sample and Tasks - but TEST does not show! What am I doing wrong? 



Thank you!

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On 11/19/2020 at 6:51 PM, DataCruncher said:

On first connection, it gives this warning that it is not using a SSL connection - which is weird, we installed the Claris test cert so it should be SSL. 

And on this: using hte Claris test cert is as good as not having an SSL cert; so you'll always get that warning unless you install a custom cert.

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