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FMPro 18 runs into "object not found" error on MBpro M1

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Hello, I have a database that I run on 3 different computers, all with Mac OS 11.2. FMpro is

A script uses an AppleScript that opens a browser. The AppleScript invokes System Events and contains a "do shell script" step.

On all computers, FMPro, Script Editor Script Menu are "allowed to control computer" in System Prefs.

In the other 2 computes, with the Intel chips, the script runs flawlessly but it stumbles on the M1. M1 vs Intel is the only difference between there 3 setups. I know that v18 is not officially supported with Big Sur but the programs runs perfectly well. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I would install FMP 19 on the machine (it can coexist with 18), and see if everything works ok on 19. If that’s the case, you’re really left with no other option other than to upgrade. If the problem exists in 19, too, it could be some strange issue with Applescript. 

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Thanks, I started to think that I should have run the AS separately on the M1 and I posted the question prematurely. The problem is that all data in the AS comes form FM. I still think that FM is unable to trigger something AS-related. 

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That’s a good point. When I do AppleScripting, I first code it separately, since debugging AS in FM is a pain. I then copy and paste into FM, and do the necessary editing to suck in the FM data. 

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17 minutes ago, Asu said:

The problem is that all data in the AS comes form FM.

That shouldn't prevent you from testing the script in Script Editor using arbitrary fake data. In parallel, you could experiment with running a simple AppleScript from FMP and seeing at what point if fails.

Of course, this is all rather generic, since we don't know exactly what your script does or how it fails (surely there is an error message?).


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