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Opening GO file from link emailed from hosted file

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This one has me stumped.

For years I have emailed links to iPads using the format:

url:fmp://[serverurl]/[filename]?script=[script]&param=" & [parameter]

It works great for hosted files. The iPad user opens their email, taps on the link, and Go opens the hosted file and performs the script.

But now I have a local file saved on the iPad that records data while offline and then syncs it to a file hosted on the server. I want a user on the hosted file to be able to send a link back to the person on Go which will launch Go, open the local file, and then perform the script to go to the record in question.

My usual URL format isn't working since it is a local file and not a hosted file. I thought I could just omit the server portion of the URL (like url:fmp://[filename]?script=[script]&param=" & [parameter]) but no joy. I tried a bunch of different permeations but always get errors that either [filename.fmp12] can't be found or ".fmp12" can't be found.

How do I write the URL to launch a local Go file from email?

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