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Text won't keep still!

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Text fields that behave as expected don't do so when viewed on iPad using FileMaker Go 19 or as an SDK created iPad App.

The text moves to the top of the field on entry. Creating a new file using FileMaker Pro templates I get the same result but not always. Sometimes the text jumps to the left on field entry by a pixel or two.

I've tried different themes, different typefaces, different point size and different field heights with no consistent result or solution.

I feel there is something I'm missing. I could go through and alter every field, by modifying Template defaults, so they behave badly on my Mac but work OK on iPad but that would be a big job.

I am using a custom template I created years ago and am no longer sure how that was created, I may have duplicated an existing template.

If I change the template to one of the standard FileMaker makes available I still get similar results.

I have seen SDK Apps that work just fine and wonder how this was achieved.

I realise there may be something to do with keyboard interaction with the fields. In that maybe the text is trying to get out of the onscreen keyboard during text entry?

Any suggestions appreciated!







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