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FileMaker Plug-In SDK for FileMaker Pro 13 ?

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I am developing a custom plugin with 24U Plug-In Template 3.1, which contains the FileMaker Plug-In SDK for FileMaker Pro 12.

But in fact, i am targeting FM Pro 13, and on the FileMaker site : http://www.filemaker.com/support/technologies/  , I can only get the v16 release : fm_plugin_sdk_16.0.1.162.zip

Is there a way to download the SDK for v13, v14 or even v15 of FileMaker ?

Or perhaps, thats not really necessary (only small changes in SDK ?...) ?

Thanks !

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You can email FileMaker...


But as there is only little changes between the versions, you could simply go with 12 and be fine.

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