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WSC Serving CSS to Netscape over SSL


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Has anyone been able to successfully serve CSS FMP pages over SSL to Netscape browsers (both Mac & Win9x).

I know that Netscape was a little late to the CSS game, but it seems to only happen when both a SSL connection is in place, and the page being served is coming from a dynamic FMP page that the WSC is serving via Apache (mod_ssl).

Maybe FMP Unlim 5.5 with the HTTP 1.1 support will solve this...

I'll post any more findings, here's what I know so far...

Win98 - Netscape 4.7 - Broken (links don't work)

Win98 - Netscape 6 - Broken (forever - never load)

Win98 - Netscape 6.1 (preview 1) - Works!

Mac OS 8.6 & 9.1 - Netscape 4.5 - 4.78 - Broken (some crashes)

Mac OS 9.1 - Netscape 6 - (forever - never load)

Mac OS 9.1 - Netscape 6.1 (preview 1) - Works!!


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After reviewing lots of my SSL config setings (httpd.conf) and looking at lots of SSL documentation, It seems that the problem is how the WSC Java applet handles large files through SSL.

Smaller pages (mostly text, and or small images) seem to load fine, even in 4.x versions of Netscape.

I'm now considering that the problem either lies with the fact that WSC isn't yet http 1.1 compliant, and these older versions have a hard time negotiating the SSL with WSC and end up timing out, or it's a ram issue, and the "FMWSC_Apache.sh" Java applet simply doesn't have enough ram to use.

I'm currently running OS X Server v1.2 (the old one) with Apache 1.3.12, mod_ssl, and FMP WSC 5 on a B&W G3 450Mhz with 128M of Ram. I'll be adding 256 more in a day or two and I'll post my results...

With FM more ram is always better, but if anyone has any specific info/experience with Ram/performace on xNIX based systems using WSC please post!

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This topic is 7399 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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