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scripting eccentricity OR problem?


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Excuse my newbieness here, but am new to FMU eccentricities OR am I looking at a larger problem? Client has installed FMU on W2k. FMU set for Web Companion and all Dbs are multi-user, open and hosted/published on server. I have noticed that some things that work in standalone FMP do NOT under FMU.

1) Have noticed that any button that calls a script which has ONE line to launch an EXTERNAL script in another open DB won't show rollover OR work. However, by adding a new 1st line that FIRST OPENS that DB, then calls the external script will rollover AND work correctly.

2) data in any given DB may or may NOT show in FMU, but is there when checked in standalone mode.

3) This application has ~15 inter-related DBs (all open and published), EXCEPT only ONE continues to ask for NETWORK PASSWD (login and pwd) regardless of using a browser across the internal network OR via public web. However, what it appears to REALLY be asking for is the FMP internal passwd NOT anything netwrk related (ie it doesn't make any difference what I put in as user).

SO... given the above information 1) does this sound normal? and 2) will portals operate the same under FMU web as I'm used to under FMP multi-user?

I'm a bit perplexed

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You are using Instant Web Publishing, and it's very limited especially in scripts and buttons -- at least compared to what's possible in FMP.

Somewhere (in the Help info I think) there is a list of script steps that work over IWP. There are a lot that *don't* work. If you want to use IWp then you'll have to work within the limitations.

You are probably at the stage were you need to go to Custom Web Publishing. CWP people will tell you that scripts aren't needed, nor are they desirable. They'll be right in both cases.

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This topic is 6539 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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