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Creating lists and calculations

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Here's what I am making:

I am trying to get a list summary of our products' sales. For each record I want to put a new product. On the sheet of the record/product I want a list of each months sales. With it I want to insert the month sales and products sold (so unit sales and monatary records). I have made a field for the month of sales and well as each sales thing to track. I want the monthly one to be seen as well as a running total for individual product. But I want to keep this all together on one record. So say the product is a cat and I sold 5 cats one month and 10 the next, it would show 5 units, then 10 units and a running total of 15 at the bottom. Then say the next record after the cat record is dog, I want to be be able to show the monthly units sold as well as the running total for that record. Right now that is what I am trying to figure out. Is there a way to make it that way or do I have to make new records for each month. It seems when I make a list and have the fields, the fields stay identical (i.e.5 all the way down instead of 5, then 10, then 7 or whatever), so I can't add new, distint numbers to each field.

If this makes sense what do you suggest?

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If you just want summaries of sales by month, try creating a new record for each cat sold and recording the date of sale. Make a calc field which calculates the month of the sale, then make a layout with a sub-summary when sorted by Month and a trailing grand summary. Put your Month field into the sub-summary part. Create a summary field = count of ProductName and drop that field into both the sub-summary and the grand summary. Sort by Month and ProductName and print the layout.

This should give you what you want if i understand the question correctly.


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This topic is 7156 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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