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file locked - misleading FM error ?

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hi all... could someone please point me to a direction to get out of my latest drama with filemaker......

i've been managing a set of databases in an office, for some stupid reasons, the people above me (ie the boss & the like) wanted the files to be unprotected ( just incase i left the company). anyway, a couple of weeks ago i decided to give the files some minimal protection since i constantly faced problems that some staff accidentally change my scripts, etc... but this lead to some other issues that i would not have the neccessary time to address, so i had to go back to remove the passwords & leave the files unprotected like before.

here's the problem: the files work fine on my computer & some other ones but keep locking up on 2 computers, one of which was the director's (ooops) i've been able to fix this problem on the other computer later on, but the director's one is still refusing!

i've checked all files, no passords, nothing at all. NO LUCK!

i then tried to put the passwords back in, open the files with password on the troubled computer, password accepted BUT the files were still locked. so now he can get in to look around but a number of fields & access to layouts, scripts maker will not be availalbe. you can guess that he is just as pissed as me with the files now...

what have i done wrong??? i've tried to look at some previous messages for clues but found nothing so far

ps. thank you Ugo & all who responded to my previous problem with the speedy calculation...



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Hi dle,

It sound as if there might be more than one copy of the files on this computer. I would do a search for the file name and see. Then remove all copies (trash them), and then put on a clean copy of the files as you want them (protected or unprotected).




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This topic is 7153 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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