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scripts to set font attributes?

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We are running FMP pro 6 and Server 5.5 with about 25 files on an all Mac network. When users type in text (notes, etc), it usually goes in as "Verdana" size 10 - I'm not sure where this is set - is it the system font, or default FMP font, or simply the last one that was used in that file? Also, if they copy text from the Finder or other apps, it goes in as whatever font and color and size it was in the other app. Is there any way to force all text to always be the same - maybe a script within FMP, or an Applescript when FMP starts up?

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Hi human (aren't we all) smile.gif

The font is set in the layout mode in FileMaker. When you type data into a field, the field will use these attributes as its default. However, this can be altered by pasting data into the field, that is styled with a different attributes, or if the field allows manually changing of these attributes in Browse Mode.

To change the data to display the correct attributes (Font, Style, Size, etc.), you have to replace the data with itself. There are a couple of ways to do this, one way is to put your cursor in the field that you want to change, AND then Go to the Menu - Records - Replace Contents. In that dialog box, check on the BOX to the left, or the BUTTON "Specify" to the right of "Replace with Calculated Results". A second dialog box will appear that is the calculation box, put your field name in it by Double Clicking on it in the list of fields above and then Click Okay, and then Replace.

A word of caution, you should back up your file first, as this can not be undone.




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This topic is 7144 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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