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Importing Records


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I am thoroughly confused by the following problem

I have 4 tables

Estimate Table ------------------->EstimateLineItem Table

One Estimate can have many EstimateLineItem Records

Estimate Table-------------------->WorkOrder Table

One Estimate can have many Work Orders

WorkOrder Table------------------->WorkOrderLineItem Table

Once an Estimate is approved, I want to create a new WorkOrder for that Estimate and also want to import EstimateLineItem records for that Estimate into WorkOrderLineItem Table.

My Script has the following :

Copy EstimateID from Estimate Layout

Go To WorkOrder Layout

Create a New Record

Paste the EstimateID on the WorkOrder

Commit the Record

Copy the WorkOrderID

Go To Estimate Layout

Go to Related Record in EstimateLineItem Table

open a new window

go to layout WorkOrderLineItem

Import records from EstimateLineItem to WorkOrderLineItem

Paste the WorkOrderID in WorkOrderLineItem Table

Go back to Estimate Layout

The problem happens during importing. Instead of importing the related EstimateLineItem records, it imports all the records. I am unable to understand why. The Go To Related Record works since I can see the related records.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Thanx is advance.....

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I am a newbie at this, so I hope it is ok to jump in.

I do exaclty the same thing. The one thing I notice different is the order which you do "Go to found related records"

In my case I import the estimate into work order AND the estimate line items into work order line items. So my first step is "Go to related records" based on self relationship with estimating (using the estimate number, That way my found set is the 1 estimating record I am about to import into work order.) The next step is "go to related records" for the line items. Then I create the new records in the target file and import.

I don't know if this make a difference. Hope this helps

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This topic is 6632 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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