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Integrating Flash and FM7/8


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I am trying to integrate FileMaker 7/8 with flash.. but am unable to progress...

What exactly i am trying is use FM7/8 as backend to a flash made web page.. the web page should be able to add data to the FM DB as well as update the same.. something run time. As far as i have searched there are posts which say XML is the way.. but i dont want to export the FM data into xml and then use it.. it should be something just intermediate.

Anyone there who can help me .. any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance....


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You don't have to first export the XML from FM to use it somewhere else. That's what FileMaker Server Advanced is for: you can hit it with XML, ODBC or JDBC requests and it will send you the data.

So your Flash app would make an HTML request to FMSA and get XML in memory to parse out and use.

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Thanks a lot Wim... i have been trying the codes through flash..



i am executing this when i click on a button.. yet it is not working from flash published file..

Is it that i should do something extra in flash so that it works.. Could you give me some kinda sample so that it helps me further..

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Garry..

I am using an XMLConnector component and have given the above url as its URL parameter..

further i have a button which says on release of it it should trigger the xmlConnector component.

As far as examples that i have this thing should work.. but it is not. Please help if you have any idea.


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I use another method, for me more simple than XML conector.

When you put the URL in your browser, FMS when create the new record return and xml. For do the same in Flash and recover the XML i use the class XML object.

It's easy, is something like this:

var xmlObj = new XML();


/* the code if you would do anything with the answer, check the error code o something similar.

You need parsing the XML in function the gramar that you use*/

delete this; //delete the XML




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