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8V5 Printing Problem

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I have experienced problems printing large found sets in 8V5. When printing from a complex layout, ie Body,summary, sub-summary, trailing grand summary, etc, and the found set is greater than 300 (we sometimes have found sets on the order of 1200) FM 8v5 will get through printing some of the records and then the layout goes squirrely and garbled and the pages start printing blank.

I have updated the drivers, tried 3 different printers, HP9000;HP8100;HP4050 and all do the same thing.

This used to work fine on FM6.0. We stepped back through the versions of 8 and have found that the problem does not occur on 8v1 so we currently do our printing from a PC with 8v1 installed.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Do you have a printer other than an HP? HP printer drivers often have problems with FileMaker. One way to isolate the problem would be to use a different printer or try a generic printer driver with your HP printer. You could also try an earlier version of the print driver as that often solves the problem.

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Thanks for the input. In response to the 2 suggestions:

- Printer drivers; I tried stepping back to 2 different drivers on all 3 printers, tried a PCL5 and then just a generic driver, same results on all 3 printeres, problem still exists.

- Printing to PDF, interesting things happened here. The 1st page of the PDF printing, the margins were off, all other pages OK, however the next print job in the cycle (script) going back to the HP printer, it printed a blank page in between each job!?

I think it is related to the printer. I will try and find a non HP printer, however our office is all HP printers

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This topic is 6153 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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